We have patented our Combined Tracking system

18 March 2021

Long time ago engineers and inventors didn’t think about the rights on their own inventions. That’s why technologies were in a mass use and were available everywhere. Today, market relations and growing competition has radically changed. If an invention can be improved and sold at a high price, then here the competition comes.

A new product or technology’s maker wants to make a profit, and not to share a market with competitors who just use his products. Due to such situations there is a need to protect an author’s exclusive right to an invention, which is carried out by receiving a government patent.

A patent is a reliable way for monetizing the results of intellectual work, allowing inventors to get profit from a product’s use.

Our company is focused on future growth, and we realize that innovations is the key to competitivity.

Recently, we have received one more patent on the invention №2734553 «The Combined Tracking System». The authors are: Aleksey Kislukhin, Anton Sidorov, Evgeniy Abramov.

Thanks to the project’s team for dedication and hard work.