The Brio Stroy Company was awarded the «Elite of the Russian construction sector 2019» diploma

03 March 2021

The Russian Union of Builders, the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Trade Union for Construction and Building-Materials Industry Workers of the Russian Federation hold an annual contest for the best design and survey company or any other company of the same construction section.

The key goals of the contest are to define the most productive companies, propaganda and spread of advanced experience in design, survey and construction sphere.

Winners are selected by results of companies’ activities over the past year according to the following criterias:

  • amount of work performed;
  • economic and financial results;
  • social results, labor protection and quality.

After summing up the results, on the eve of the Builder’s Day, the Brio Stroy Company was awarded the «Elite of the Russian construction sector 2019» diploma.

Brio Stroy is a member of the dynamically developing Group of Companies BRIO. It is a special purpose company with a single center of competence in the project management sphere with functions of a technical customer.

Moreover, the company offers solutions for transition to Information Modeling Technology (BIM-technology) and information model management, which are considered to be more effective tools to level-up business processes in a company and achieve maximum efficiency.

A Complex System for monitoring of a construction object based on the TDMS «Cosmos» platform is one of the most convenient and multifunctional managing tools of a BIM model for digitalization of the construction sector. The system’s key feature is the ability to work with BIM models and tools of Mixed Reality and Precise Positioning in it.

Our company was excited to be a part of this contest, and earn the award.