BRIO MRS platform wins the Digital Future of the EAEU nomination

07 June 2018

The international competition of innovative projects Eurasian Digital Platforms is an interstate project whose purpose is to identify companies and projects in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union that are capable of making a significant contribution to the implementation of the digital agenda of the Union.

The competition comprises regulated stages, so the semi-finals of the competition were held on the business platforms of the forums held in the Member States of the Union, and the final of the competition was held as part of the business program of the annual Eurasian Week forum, according to the results of which 3 winners were selected. Awarding of the winners was carried out as part of the celebrations of the Eurasian Week forum. The mixed reality platform for the construction of the BRIO MRS was the winner of the semi-finals of the competition. Our innovative project impressed the jury, because the BRIO MRS platform is a unique solution that allows you to minimize errors, quickly identify conflicts, monitor business processes in real time, establish effective interaction between office and construction site employees, and thereby increase the speed of work and quality growth, save and minimize labor costs.