BRIO MRS platform at the meeting with the Mosstroyinform SBD

15 July 2021

On June, 10 Mosstroyinform SBD held a meeting with projects based on the results of the carried BuildTech and EngineeringTech pitch-sessions of the Moscow Accelerator program.

The Moscow Accelerator is a joint initiative of the Moscow Agency of Innovations and the Moscow Innovation Cluster Fund, and is supported by the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This program is a unique platform for the direct cooperation among the city, large corporations and startups to develop and grow innovative business in Moscow.

Representatives of six startups successfully presented their technological solutions within the Program. It is noted, that the presented innovative projects can help in solving serious tasks and urgent problems of digitalization of the construction industry.

Aleksey Kislukhin, the CEO of BRIO MRS, presented the Mixed Reality platform BRIO MRS for visualization and work with a BIM project, quality control and progress of construction and installation works.

The BRIO MRS platform is a unique homegrown development that allows you to take a fresh look at the construction sector due to Mixed Reality technology, the key feature of the solution.

Now, specialists can match the project with its physical implementation as precisely as possible directly on the construction site in real time. It contributes to the rapid detection of violations and their further elimination.

Using BRIO MRS platform, construction companies solve the problem of information gap between the office and the construction site, and improve control over existing business processes.

As a result, we found common ground and point out further steps for cooperation.

The BRIO MRS team expresses its gratitude to the organizers for the opportunity to demonstrate the solution’s functionality, meet like-minded people, and contribute to the digitalization of the construction industry.