The BRIO MRS platform visualizes preliminary designs

18 March 2021

Extending the functional possibilities plays the most significant role in efficient development of a product and a business in general. The more tasks a system can solve, the more potential it has.

We are also on the go. On a daily basis our talented team of developers enhance the functionality of the Mixed and Augmented Reality platform BRIO MRS, which is used to visualize BIM models, improve quality and progress control of construction and installation works.

On November 5, 2020 the platform BRIO MRS was demonstrated to the Executive Committee division of Kazan, which develops preliminary designs of buildings’ facades reconstruction and advertising structures.

For the demonstration we took a 3D model of the preliminary design of the future facade of the building with advertising structures.

With the help of the BRIO MRS platform the model was placed into an actual location of a real building. Thanks to the Augmented reality mode, we took screenshots and sent them to the customer.

The next step will be setting the 3D model out with high visual quality.