The BRIO MRS platform sees through the ground

18 March 2021

Up-to-date information of underground utility systems plays a vital role during implementation of transport projects.

Wrong data or incomplete details about underground network can lead to cost increase, and put at risk the ecological safety.

Our solution is the Mixed and Augmented reality platform BRIO MRS provides an opportunity both to visualize a BIM model and digital objects embedding them into a real world without any spatial violations, and provide visualization of underground utilities with its projection on the ground.

This feature allows to know, where the existing underground engineering network is placed, which minimize risks of the construction field full of buildings, and also detect conflict situations and collisions, which save time on their elimination, and as a result, it has a positive effect on cost cutting on a project implementation in general.

Summing up, the Mixed and Augmented reality platform BRIO MRS provides full control and understanding of underground engineering systems and optimizes projects without loss of current infrastructure.