The BRIO MRS platform in the final of the BuildTech track of the Moscow Accelerator

20 May 2021

Even though the construction sector is believed to be one of the most conservative industries, innovative technologies here are developing at breakneck speed. The ideas that seemed impossible 10-20 years ago, now are actively developing and implementing into everyday life.

Moscow Agency of Innovations and Moscow Innovation Cluster created the Moscow Accelerator program, which main goal is to promote innovative technological solutions of IT startups and expand their presence on the international market.

The BuildTech was one of the tracks that was launched with the assistance of the second largest steel company in Russia – PAO Severstal. 393 companies, which create technological solutions in the construction sector, took part in this track. Their developments allow to increase the speed of works and reduce their cost, help to improve communications between the office and the construction site. The networking format from the industry partners of the track and the expert support of the leading specialists in the construction finance market give invaluable experience for further development of a product and business in general.

The key topics of the program were: IT solutions for automation of engineering processes, technologies for flooring in composite materials, solutions in supporting systems and profiles, technologies in fire security and anticorrosive protection, ready-made solutions on a steel frame for construction, modular solutions on a steelwork structure for construction, security support and improvement of quality of life, complex IT solutions for a “smart city”, eco-friendly technologies and solutions for construction. Key benefits of the track are the opportunity of pilot implementation at the Severtal site and the financing of the project by leading funds.

The BRIO MRS company was one of the 30 most promising companies that made it to the final of the track and presented the technological hardware-digital platform BRIO Mixed Reality System at Demo Day on April, 22.

Using the unique Mixed Reality technology, the solution provides an opportunity to visualize and work with a BIM model at a construction site in real time. It helps to significantly reduce the time of works performed, eliminate costly errors and increase efficiency of the entire construction process.

The BRIO MRS team was happy to take part in such a promising and productive project, and make its innovative contribution to the development of the construction industry.