The BRIO MRS platform at Global DIGITAL FUTURE congress virtual

24 March 2021

In a rapidly changing world to stay competitive means to be ready for any changes. Same in business – for its flourishing you should be aware of each transformation, especially digital one. After all, the demand for IT products on the market is increasing every day.

On February, 25 the virtual congress fair for international growth and digitization Global DIGITAL FUTURE congress virtual took place on the Internet.

This platform is a perfect place for those who want to expand their business and reach foreign markets, learn about the latest IT products, along with the potential and opportunities of digitization from leading experts and specialists.

Despite the relatively new format of the event, the exhibition joined together 235 representatives of German SMBs, 60 foreign companies and 50 speakers. The business program contained lectures, workshops and personal conversations. The participants discussed the perspectives of the development of IT business and expansion of IT markets.

Online-marketing, process optimization technologies and cyber security formed the basis of the discussion along with increasingly popular Digitization & Transformation, German development concept «Work 4.0» and IT Future Thinking.

CEO of BRIO MRS Aleksey Kislukhin also contributed to the program as a speaker with the report on «Building an end-to-end business process for construction management using Mixed and Augmented Reality technologies». He demonstrated the BRIO MRS platform, which allows to visualize a BIM model on a construction site in real time. Budget saving, reduction of construction time due to on-time detected violations, optimization of the building control process – these are only a fraction of benefits one can get while using this solution.

We thank the organizers of Global DIGITAL FUTURE congress virtual and the Skolkovo Foundation for the opportunity to take part in this event and express our vision on the future of building sector, as well as be involved in discussions and share experience with world-class business experts and IT specialists.