The BRIO MRS demonstration at a construction site of the global level

18 March 2021

By the end of 2021 in the Central Administrative District of Moscow there will have built two unique objects located on the territory of sports complex «Luzhniki» – «Sambo center» and «Box center».

Carrying out trainings and competitions throughout a year the total area of the martial arts center will be 4500 m2 with the seating capacity of 3600 visitors.

Despite symmetrical sports constructions will be placed under one roof and be united by a common facade, they will be able to function separately by having two different entrances.

A slopping mirror ceiling with an optic effect, which allows to observe trainings outside the building, is another feature of these constructions. This architectural technique is used for the first time at a sports venue in Moscow.

The complex will satisfy the requirements of international associations and Boxing and Sambo Federations, and will have no analogues in the world. The building will be equipped with video broadcasts of competitions with the possibility of connecting to a live show. In addition to training and competitions, it is planned to conduct training sessions for athletes and refresher courses for coaches and judges.

Moreover, there will be all conditions for a comfortable training process: a sports pool, sauna and hammam spaces, a medical and recreation center, a universal fitness center and a gym for playing sports, as well as a conference hall.

Currently, the relocation of engineering network has been completed, the erection of load-carrying concrete constructions and installation of steel trusses are still in progress. So far, the object is ready for 15%.

Last December we demonstrated the multifunctional Mixed and Augmented Reality platform BRIO MRS on the construction site. Potential partners were able to test the tablet’s work in real time, review the results and evaluate the tablet’s features and prospects of use.

The BRIO MRS platform allows to identify problem areas and violations. That way we reduce redesign risks and shifting completion dates, as well as cut control efforts that helps to minimize the budget overruns.

The BRIO MRS platform is the only up-to-date source of a project. All data synchronizes with a software part that provides an effective interaction between an office and a construction site.

Using the BRIO MRS platform you will be able to carry out fundamentally different business process and significantly increase the efficiency of already existing ones.