BRIO RTS is the finalist of the industrial accelerator program «KirovTEK»

24 March 2021

Seed accelerators play an important role in the development of the IT market and competitive ability of technological solutions. Participation in such program is quite an achievement for a startup, because it gives great prospects for future product promotion, among them financing, business expansion, customer database and, obviously, prestige.

On January, 29 2021 the final startup presentation of the industrial seed accelerator KirovTEK – the project of PAO Kirovsky Zavod and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives – took place on the basis of one of the biggest energy providers of Russia – AO KirovTEK.

The seed accelerator has been on for 3 years already, which proves its success and potential. The program met 65 Russian IT startups in the field of industry, energy and agriculture, and key topics were:

  • Industry 4.0;
  • AgTech & Energytech;
  • Agricultural Machinery;
  • BigData;
  • Machine Learning;
  • Industrial Internet of Things.

As you know, most IT companies face difficulties in launching MVP and implementing a pilot. The Investment Manager of Kirovsky Zavod, Igor Yarunov, assures: «The «Promyshlenniy akselerator» solves this problem: we share experience, contacts, experts and practical tips, which you won’t get at conferences and webinars. All of that provides us an opportunity to prepare and launch a pilot project with its operating manufacture in 3 months».

The BRIO MRS company successfully presented to the experts a location tracking system BRIO RTS, which allows to increase productivity, reduce injuries and enhance the overall performance of employees by tracking the movement of employees and machinery.

After passing all stages of the selection, the BRIO RTS team became a finalist of the KirovTEK seed accelerator and caught the interest of a wide range of experts in the business management and industry areas.

Many thanks to the organizers of the «Promyshlenniy akselerator» for the chance to participate in this program and demonstrate the functionality of our solution, and we wish you success in further promotion of the platform.