BRIO MRS appraised at a meeting of diplomatic missions from 50 countries

14 December 2018

Skolkovo is an international, open, and transparent project”, – declares the Foundation President Viktor Vekselberg at a traditional New Year’s meeting with the diplomatic corps in the innovation city, – “and this key principle was laid down from the first day of Skolkovo’s work”.

So, on December 12, 2018, Skolkovo was visited by the heads of diplomatic missions from 50 countries. During the meeting of the ambassadors with the management of the Fund, we talked about the possibilities of our solutions: a mixed reality platform for the construction of BRIO MRS, which allows you to visualize objects in the digital world, embed them in a real physical environment without spatial disturbances and implement fundamentally different business processes or significantly increase the efficiency of the existing ones, and multifunctional monitoring system for the movement of personnel and equipment – BRIO RTS.

Our team also planned a series of individual presentations – in every country there is a need to manage construction more efficiently and increase labor productivity and production rate, reduce injuries and increase the overall efficiency of employees.