BRIO MRS and Estetta presented a joint development BE Luminance

13 May 2021

On April 16-17 the conference “Innovative technologies and materials for implementing the most daring architectural ideas” was held in Kazan with the support of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan and TEGOLA Corporation. It brought together leading architects, designers, developers and specialists of the customer service of construction companies. The major purpose of the meeting was the discussion of the impact of innovative technologies and materials on the development of modern architecture.

The event was carried out in the format of presentations with the following topics: energy-efficient construction, 3D aluminum forms and perforation in architecture, green roof technology, modern brick architecture in Russia and abroad, and architectural lighting.

The IT company BRIO MRS and the designer of lighting systems Estetta presented a jointly developed software BE Luminance that allows to automatically place lights and make light calculations in Revit program.

This program is easy to use: you can pre-select lights in the company’s online catalogue and specify all the necessary parameters. After the space is set up, the program automatically places the previously selected lights and calculates the illumination of the room. The key feature of the solution is that when the project changes, the lightning calculations are being conducted automatically without transferring information to third-party software. The process automation makes the lights placement 10 times faster that improves the production efficiency and remains the high quality of works.

Furthermore, in the second part of the presentation, CEO of BRIO MRS Aleksey Kislukhin showed the work of the BRIO MRS Mixed reality platform for construction that provides an opportunity to visualize and work with a BIM model on a construction site in real time. The solution’s key feature is the appliance of the Mixed reality technology that provides correct embedding of digital objects into the real world without spatial disturbances.

We would like to thank the organizers and participants of the event for their interest in the technologies presented, as well as for the lively discussion about the future of construction and architecture with experts from leading architectural companies.