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BRIO MRS is a member of the BRIO Group of Companies, a diversified corporate group operating in the field of construction and engineering.

We have over 12 years of experience in IT, design and construction management.

Our extensive experience as a design center allowed us to study all the pain points of the construction sector in depth and in detail and, owing to a talented team of highly-skilled professionals, create a totally innovative product – BRIO Mixed Reality System (BRIO MRS).



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Aleksey Kislukhin CEO of BRIO MRS

«We are experts in the field of digitalization of construction. We have developed a unique product that allows our clients to take full advantage of BIM technologies and bring the construction of development projects to an overall new technological level.»

The BRIO MRS system is a specialized device with pre-installed software that via the use of the Industry 4.0 technology stack (CV, AI, AR/MR) makes it possible to automate management processes on the construction site, prevent errors, and comprehensively increase the efficiency of investments in Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies.

We are always making progress, constantly improving and developing new IT products for the construction and manufacturing industries in order to provide our clients with the best tools for efficient operation.

These days, BRIO MRS has become a full-fledged IT market player and has established itself as an innovator, eager to create and implement advanced technological developments!

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