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Use your BIM model immediately on the construction site! The Mixed reality technology literally embeds objects (BIM) in a real environment. Plan and monitor the progress of construction and installation works, prevent alterations, manage tasks via our device.

Are you familiar with the concept of “schedule overrun”?

Use BRIO MRS in conjunction with building information modeling technology and reduce construction time by up to 20%

Are you tired of construction process lacking transparency?

Use BRIO MRS to manage business processes in construction and get access to an archive of all site walkdown inspections with photographic evidence of deviations and information on corrections

To work with BIM at a construction site, highly-paid personnel are required

BRIO MRS has an intuitive UI design. With it, you can significantly lower the requirements for the qualification of technical supervision staff

To work with BIM at a construction site, highly-paid personnel are required

BRIO MRS has an intuitive UI design. With it, you can significantly lower the requirements for the qualification of technical supervision staff

The information model is not used at the construction site

BRIO MRS allows you to plan construction and installation work, checks the fact of installation with a plan based on a BIM model right on the construction site

Shortage of qualified specialists

With BRIO MRS, the qualification requirements of employees are lower and productivity is higher. In 1 hour, a specialist with a BRIO MRS device bypasses the same area as a specialist with 2D drawings, but manages to check all sections of the documentation.

Have you ever estimated the cost of corrections and penalties?

Reduce the number of alterations and penalties to zero and get the highest quality of installation works with BRIO MRS

High workload for technical supervision experts

With BRIO MRS, installation quality control can be performed 4 times faster. The procedure is easily understandable even to a new employee

Difficult to keep the focus on all scheduled tasks

Weekly scheduling can be conveniently completed via the BRIO MRS interface. After creating the schedule, you can display screenshots and show the scope of work on site. In the course of work, it is convenient to control the progress by marking the completed tasks in the sections of the BIM model. The acceptance of completed works can be easily supported by photographic evidence attached to the report

The BIM model is not used at stage P

We suggest using BRIO MRS to photograph deviations and transfer tasks to designers in a visual form

Using drawings is long, inconvenient, and often leads to errors

We offer to regularly perform installation control with the BRIO MRS complex. It is 10 times easier to do this than with drawings, a tape measure and a stepladder. With our device, you will eliminate deviations and collisions even before they occur.



Saving in budget for the installation of utility systems


Development projects have already been built using our device


Up to 100% reduction in the number of corrections


Of clients recouped the investment at the first system application

Application scenarios


options The BRIO MRS platform will help you assess whether the result of the works performed by the installation personnel conforms to the BIM design

options Using BRIO MRS, it is easy to assess whether the executive BIM model corresponds to the actually built construction facility and correct it

options BRIO MRS will allow you to carry out a preliminary analysis of the BIM model received from the designer in terms of the adequacy and conformity of coordinates, the absence of collisions, and the density of the rich metadata

options Our device visualizes the BIM model on the construction site, which allows you to mark out the site without using the tape measure and without drawings. The screen of the device displays the design position of eventual utility lines, which allows you to easily mark out the site without using any measuring instruments

options BRIO MRS allows you to create work divisions, for example, for weekly scheduling, taking into account the volume of tasks, the volume of materials and the subsequent performance control

options BRIO MRS features the option of accepting the volume of work and elements of work according to checklists. This provides for the integration with the cost estimate system for further drawing up of work completion and acceptance certificates (KS forms) and payments to contractors

options - remote technical expert examination and review of identified deviations: experts can make inferences remotely from the photographic evidence - remote inspection: the device allows you to get reliable information from the construction site - remote online assistant. By asking a technician on the construction site to conduct a walkdown demonstration, the designers can survey the state of operations on the construction site online from their office and submit their comments via the device


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14 October 2022
Neva City Hall project by HALS Development

BRIO MRS conducted a pilot project at Neva City Hall project. Building of Neva City Hall took a place in a modern administrative and business district in the historical center of the city. The purpose of pilot project: using BRIO MRS software and hardware system, to detect maximum deviations from plan developed with the use...

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14 October 2022

On October 5, 2022, BRIO MRS LLC (Russian Federation) and Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt State-Owned Enterprise signed a partnership agreement. Now our colleagues from Belarus conduct inspections using the BRIO MRS software and hardware system. They can also offer their clients the visualization of construction projects using the BRIO MRS mixed reality tool, which scans the physical environment...

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Working with BRIO MRS


Our solution is designed for everyone who needs to receive reliable information from the construction site. We offer it to: developers, construction owner's technical representatives, general contractors, technical control and design supervision services.

For a properly functioning device, the error in determining the z-accuracy is 2% at a distance of 2 meters. And the error amounts to 1% per distance covered of up to 100 meters.

We use any BIM file formats: xBim, nwc, rvt, IFC. For the file to be uploaded to the system, it needs to be in the IFC format, but if your file is in a different format, our technicians will convert it themselves.

The BRIO MRS mixed reality tablet features an intuitive UI design. Anyone who can use a smartphone can also use it.



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